Hire a Writer

Hire One Of Our Writers, Full Time!

So you want to hire a content writer full time, but you:

  1. Don’t have office space
  2. Cannot afford employee benefits
  3. Cannot find a good writer
  4. Cannot teach him what to do and how to write

Well, we’ve got a package just for you!

You can hire one of OUR experienced writers for an entire month, just like you would hire any employee, full time!

What you get:

  • One dedicated full time writer- available 5 days a week, 8 hours a day
  • A project manager to coordinate and manage things
  • Complete authority on work-leave grants (except sick leave)
  • The creative input of our entire team

And ALL of this at just $50 per day. That works out to about $6 per hour!

Get started NOW – Talk to Neil at nk(at)wordplaycontent(dot)com