Are You A Human Resources Superstar? Are You Looking For HR Manager Jobs In Bangalore?

We’ve got a rapidly growing roster, and we’re looking for an HR manager to handle everything personnel-related. You’ll be directly in charge of creating end-to-end HR solutions for a young, energetic workforce. If you think you’ve got the skills and grit, apply now!

What The Role Involves

  • Driving strong recruitment measures across all boards, channels and departments for multiple roles within the organization from the front, and meeting all immediate manpower requirements for individual projects on time
  • Generating ideas and channels that drive through more relevant job applications, through multiple approaches including online and offline campaigns, campus placements, internship openings, etc.
  • Enforcing general professional discipline and workplace etiquette to foster an ideal work environment
  • Developing strong internal processes for talent recruitment and retention, through online and offline measures
  • Effectively balancing the goals of the company and employee needs
  • Developing orientation and on-boarding procedures for all new hires, by helping them engage better with their immediate supervisors and easing them into the role
  • Coordinating with internal project managers on talent acquisition/retention/termination to ensure that all teams are adequately staffed and performing consistently
  • Defining Key Performance Indicators across various roles, and using the same to periodically gauge employee performance and growth within the company
  • Managing employee relations by tracking attendance and performance targets, and addressing grievances and sicknesses
  • Implementing regular employee engagement through team activities and other incentives
  • Ensuring employee welfare and safety through internal measures
  • Developing and maintaining an HR budget for different functions within the organization

Key Skills And Traits We’re Looking For

  • Extremely organized and able to multitask
  • Adaptable and able to fit into the work environment of a fast-growing start-up
  • Skilled at communication and personal interaction
  • A keen eye for personnel evaluation
  • Strong IT and administrative skills
  • The ability to make objective and impartial decisions
  • Discretion, trustworthiness and tact
  • Excellent conflict resolution skills
  • Strong sense of ethical responsibility
  • Good at networking and building relationships
  • Skilled at spreading a good vibe

Do You Need Experience?

Hell yes! We’re looking for candidates who have at least 3-4 years of experience in Human Resource Management.

How To Apply

Email us at and make sure you include:

  • Your updated resume
  • A cover letter detailing why you’d be a perfect fit for the role

Subject Line: HR Manager Job Application

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