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Wordplay is the one-stop-shop for all your image editing needs. From adding oomph to your apparel photos to bringing sheen to your jewellery shots, our team can handle it all. Not just that – our editors are skilled in the art of sprucing up your product pictures, and they’ll go the extra mile to make sure that your product images demand attention!

So why settle for what’s run-of-the-mill?

Know Our Team

Our team of professional image editors have worked on a range of products and materials, and have extensive ecommerce photography experience. Our photos are guaranteed to get undivided attention, each pixel gets lots of TLC, and our clients get exactly what they want from their images, through our image editing services!

How We Work

We use cutting edge Photoshop tools to edit images with the highest level of precision and speed. Work with us and save your time, money, and resources – not just that, save yourself the trouble of constantly worrying about quality.

We QC every single image in-house before we deliver it to you.

Our insanely versatile editing experts are proficient in image retouching, enhancement, and cleaning, background removal, clipping, masking, colour correction, and mannequin retouching. We work on super short turnaround times, with a strong focus on quality and finish.


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Our Image Editing Services Cover:

A Picture Perfect Finish

Our photo retouching services can help remove visible dust, fix bad lighting, and adjust the B&W balance of all images.

We’ll deliver crystal clear, sharp images with balanced shadows and highlights, retouch them according to your guidelines, and give them an end-to-end touchup to make sure they look great!

Spot-On Colour Correction

When it comes to colour correction, we’re all about harmony. We’ll take your images and balance the colours, the brightness, and the contrast, and even out the hues and saturation. We also remove red eyes and can change the colours of the product according to your requirements.

Super Sharp Background Removal

What’s that background doing there, ruining the clarity of your image? Breathe easy, we’ll take care of it for you.

We remove backgrounds with precision, to preserve the details of the shot perfectly. Every image that you give us will come out looking sharp and uniform, with crystal clear outlines. We can also insert a new background that you want to showcase your product against.

Clip, Snip And Quick Edits

With image clipping, we edit parts of a shot that you don’t like, remove them, and even replace them with portions of another image. This can be done for the background too.

Need to combine a clipped image with a new one? Clip, snip, and it’s done! Depending on the kind of work you need, we’ll offer either a simple clipping path service or a complex, multi-clipping path.

Masking Done Right

Fuzzy outlines, gradient backgrounds or fine hair sticking out of your model’s head? They won’t stop us.

We’ll mask your images expertly, even if you have semi-transparent or translucent materials that need work. Our team is adept at masking techniques like channel masking and layer masking, so you can rest assured that no matter how complex your image is, we won’t compromise on the minute details when we work on them.

Superior Image Enhancement

Cracks, creases, scratches, blemishes, stains, and blurred patches can always bring down the value of your images.

Our image enhancement services are designed to keep your photos free of all these, and include background enhancement, image sharpening, and cropping as primary functions. We’ll also play virtual dermatologist and improve the texture of your models’ skin in the photos, making it look smooth, clear, and spotless.

Mannequin Magic

Choose from our range of mannequin editing services. Our mannequin wizards can do ghost and transparent mannequin editing. They can stitch the front and back view of your garments in different angles to give them a three-dimensional look. They can even conjure up the illusion of depth for a garment. Apart from this, they’ll also add shadows and highlights, and colour correct the image to give it a classy, clean finish.

From Mannequins To Models

Sometimes you can’t get model shots with some of your garments. And sometimes, model shots don’t look as good as they could either. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll crop garments from images with mannequins and place them on your model templates, and adjust the garment to the model’s body so you’d never be able to tell that it wasn’t shot on the model originally. We’ll then enhance the image, make sure it looks a 100% gorgeous, and deliver it to you.

Add style and sheen to your images, the Wordplay way. Contact us to get a free quote today!