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We have senior fashion stylist jobs for experience professionals who can lead our growing fashion department.

Are you a fashionista at heart and a leader by trade? Our fashion department needs a senior fashion stylist with an eye for fashion and a startup spirit. This role will involve the traditional daily activities of a stylist as well as all the elements of a true leadership role, including team building and project management.

Here’s what the role involves:

  • Styling for catalog photography, marketing shoots, celebrity shoots and more
  • Curating an exclusive wardrobe through trend research and industry awareness
  • Doing marketing and product shoots for multiple brands
  • Setting up studios with the senior management and taking charge of their operations
  • Overseeing shoots as well as models and making sure the original plan is maintained all the way through to execution, including art direction
  • Planning and executing marketing and product shoots
  • Managing teams of stylists, makeup artists, models and photographers
  • Training new stylists and bringing them up to our quality level in a limited timeframe
  • Growing the fashion department along with the senior management
  • Driving the sourcing of various accessories and products whenever necessary
  • Overseeing hair styling and makeup for the models

What we look for in a Senior Fashion Stylist:

  • Extensive knowledge of the fashion industry
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to lead a team

Preferred Experience: 3+ years Join Date: Immediate

How To Apply

Send in a mail to with:

  • Your resume
  • Portfolio
  • A cover letter

Subject Line: Senior Fashion Stylist Job Application

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