Attract the right kind of attention and engage your target audience with our Social Media Marketing Services.

The Asia Pacific region has the highest social media user base, and there’s a huge market to tap. Contact Us to get social.

‘Social’ is now a marketing buzzword, and we’ve put our focus into mastering it. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what you’ll get with our social media marketing services.

Strategic Post Creation

From fan building to engagement, we carefully plan our posting strategy all the way down to the time and day of deployment. Also, we keep things short and sweet, because a Facebook post with less than 250 characters means more than a 60% increase in engagement.

Multiple Engagement Channels

Social means so much more than just Facebook, which is why we help you engage customers across multiple platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

There’s more than one way to convince, intrigue, and entertain, and we know all of them. Our social media services cover a lot of ground, from dispersing information and brand news, to contests and product-driven channels.

End-To-End Social Media Management

Starting from scratch can be a handful, that’s why we handle things end-to-end. From setting up your social media accounts to maintaining your social presence and promoting customer interaction and engagement, we’ll do it all!

About 80% of audiences prefer connecting with brands on social media, and over 60% of the customers who come across a brand actively will refer them to a friend. We speak to your audience directly, and keep them friendly.

We’ll Be Your Voice

Managing your reputation online is critical, because all feedback (positive and negative) needs to be addressed. We’ll monitor what your customers are saying about the brand, and answer their queries by being your voice online.

Reporting & Analytics

At Wordplay, we believe in improving your social media strategy as we work with you. Weekly reports, and measuring key performance indicators play a central role in all the social media marketing services we offer.

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