Article Usage

A, An or The – The Fine Art of Article Usage

March 21st, 2012 by

Wordplay Content is a full-service content writing agency. Our content writing India business provides content writing services for a plethora of customers. Reach out if you want to hire us for your inbound marketing campaign! Now that you’ve learnt the basics about article usage, here’s some know-how on how to use articles.

When to Use Definite Articles?

Article Usage

This is what happens when you confuse A and The!

If your sentence fits the types below, go ahead and use the Definite Article:

#1: Sentences where the particular person or thing has already been referred to in the context.


  • The item that you ordered is out of stock (Which item? The one you had ordered!)
  • In the closing scene, the hero wins the battle (Which hero? The hero already spoken about)

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