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Current technology trends are driving more and more users online through revolutionary hardware. The Internet industry is booming.

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Our content marketing services are designed to help you grow search traffic, and generate new leads for your business. We can also help you drive downloads, improve product adoption, subscription rates and sign ups.



Our Content Marketing Services

Content marketing can be done through different formats for different results and effect. For example, blogs can be used to drive traffic to your product pages, while case studies can be used to help improve conversions or to drive up email subscriptions.

While content writers and SEO researchers are required for some types of formats, other formats require the use of graphic designers and copywriters. Some assignments may be technical in nature, so we leverage subject matter experts for those.

We are well equipped in all the aforementioned areas to serve your business needs. Some of the most tried-and-tested content marketing services we offer include:

Blogging for businesses      CopywritingSEO Article Writing      

Infographics design            

What content marketing is not

It’s prudent to clear out what content marketing is not- it is not the spewing out of content like a machine, in order to get more traffic. Because you can still have a lot of traffic and yet, no sales. Why? Low quality traffic. Bounce rates are high, engagement is low. Low/no online sales. Now, is the content any good? *Awkward silence*

  • It’s tempting to go the cheap route and *spam* the web with low quality content, but such experiments are doomed to die a slow and eventually painful death.
  • Instead, it’s a good idea to start content makreting campaigns slowly with a higher focus on quality and conversions, and then scale that over a convenient period of time to acheive best results.
  • Content marketing involves a lot of research about the target audience in the initial stages. This includes persona research, user journey, user experience, and keyword research.

Always ask your content marketing services team how they do the above mentioned user research before creating a content plan. Writing content without knowing the true intent of the searcher is much like attempting a 100m dash with one leg. You have a whole lot of text but does it do the job? No. Does it bring traffic or rank well? No. Why? Because the keywords and the intent have not been clearly figured out.

When you miss serving intent, you miss a lot. Search intent can be gauged well at the keyword research stage. Running content marketing campaigns without testing the waters of the search market is a big no-no, and a sure shot way of losing your marketing budget entirely. Content marketing is *not only about writing content* and creating more web pages for an already ever-exploding Internet.

What content marketing is

Content marketing involves more than just content creation. The steps involved in content marketing typically involve:

  • Deep user research that happens along with SEO keyword research and using this data for the framing of a content calendar based on user search intent. This is done by an SEO specialist.
  • Next, content creation by a content or copywriter starts, and once the content is drafted, it is reviewed and edited to reflect a better reading experience. The content is also SEO optimized during the drafting stage, if required.
  • Finally, pubishing the content the right way is extremely crucial for best results on SERPs (where ranking is a factor). A lot of on-page SEO factors can be configured at this stage, and our team is trained to give your content the best performance settings possible so you have better chances of ranking higher. 

When your content starts to rank better on search engines because of the above best practises, it brings you more relevant, customer traffic, which results in more leads coming through the door. This method of content distribution is called inbound marketing.

When you engage a content marketing service like Wordplay, you don’t just hire content or copy writers 📝 – you hire a content marketing team with content, SEO and digital marketing expertise that will ensure you meet your digital marketing objectives with the least friction possible.💯

While our team of skilled content writers guarantees high-quality web content at quick turnarounds, our strategic inputs on your SEO will deliver results and impact your top-line directly. 😎


Great Content =

When you hire Wordplay, you get nothing but the best content for your business. Our years of content marketing India + global experience allows us to give you content that will boost engagement, bring you search traffic, and lead to more conversions. The features that make our content stand out?

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Through our 10+ years of operations, we’ve had the honour and the priviledge of providing our content marketing services to some of the best Indian and global dotcoms. We’ve executed content marketing campaigns across verticals such as e-commerce, fashion, travel, technology, and so many others. We have offered our content marketing services to customers located in cities like Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad with no physical meetings and 100% virtual collaboration.


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Whether you’re a startup looking to gain a foothold over the web in the market you operate, or a traditionally offline brand looking to capture new markets by going online, you can count on us. Opt for our content marketing services from anywhere in India and we can help you take your business to the next level.



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