How To Apply For Freelance Content Writing Jobs – Seven Tips That Help

November 14th, 2012 by

Freelance content writing jobs are in great demand, especially among people who plan to work from home. From working professionals looking for part-time jobs to homemakers, freelance writing is for everyone, and all that’s required is good command over the language and writing skills.

There are a number of content writing companies that offer freelance content writing jobs. These companies have different procedures for hiring, but their requirements are the same – they all look for the perfect candidate who is dedicated, responsible, and easy to work with.

Take it from us – companies love working with professional freelancers, and to appear as one, there are certain ground rules you should observe while applying for a position.

Freelance Content Writing Jobs – Tips For Applying

Here are some tips that will help your application stand out from the rest. Read more →

A Milestone for Wordplay – Some Online Writing Industry Statistics

April 18th, 2012 by

It has been two weeks since I joined Wordplay Content as a Sales and Marketing Intern. I was doing some number crunching, trying to get to know the company better, when I got to know that this month marks a major milestone in our journey.

We’ve crossed 4.5 million words published on the Internet till date!

And since we are talking about numbers, I’d like to put some more facts before you, which I have managed to compile. Read more →