Freelance Travel Writing FAQs – Some Answers For Beginners

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If you’re taking up a freelance travel writing assignment for the first time, you’re sure to have some questions on how to go about it. We’ve compiled some of the common doubts that most writers face, to make freelance travel writing simpler for beginners!

Common Questions On Freelance Travel Writing

Q1: Should I visit the destination to write about it?

No, you don’t. It’s impossible to visit every single destination for a first-hand experience, so you can try the next best option – research about the place online.

The internet is a vast resource, and you’ll be able to find information on most travel destinations easily. If you know your way around Google, you can even dig out some details about lesser known places and tailor an article based on what you have.

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Q2: Where should I take my information from?

During the course of your online research, stick to legitimate websites that you can trust. You can gather information from popular travel websites and other repositories like Wikipedia or Wikitravel.

Create a list of websites with trustworthy and detailed data, as this will help you in the long run. Websites like Lonely Planet are particularly famous for their travel-related content, so you can look for similar websites that extensively focus on travel.

Never plagiarize or borrow content from any of these websites. Google penalizes websites with duplicate content in any form, so ensure that your articles are wholly original and unique.

Also, read through the experiences of people who’ve been to the particular destination (through blogs or travel forums) and understand what makes the place tick. This will help you put together an authoritative article.

Q3: What kind of information should I include?

While writing travel articles, it’s important to outline the intent of the article and fulfill the same. This will ensure that the content covers what the headline promises, without diverging into unnecessary details.

Always include relevant information that’s useful for the reader. Try putting yourself in the readers’ shoes to get an idea of their needs and concerns, and work towards solving their problems for them.

For example, if you’re writing an article on planning a vacation in Goa, you could include details on:

  • The best time to visit (weather)
  • Places to see
  • How to reach Goa
  • Accommodation options (luxury and affordable)
  • How to get around
  • What to do in Goa (activity oriented)
  • Where to eat and shop

Add some insights into each of these sections to help your reader plan his trip better.

Q4: What kind of tone should I use for freelance travel writing?

It all depends on your audience. Addressing the right audience is one of the key skills that content writers learn with time, so identify who you’re writing for.

If you’re writing an article on offbeat destinations (with trekking or biking thrown in for good measure), your readers are more likely to be young and adventurous with a penchant for the unexplored. Activities matter more to them than sights or stay, so you know what to stress on.

If you’re listing out destinations for family vacations, on the other hand, you’ll be looking at a more mature audience – in this case a family looking for a peaceful vacation.

In general, though, keep your tone conversational and friendly.

Q5: How do I write authoritative content?

To come across as a domain expert and an authority in the field, you should present information that is crucial to the readers and satisfies their concerns. Don’t be afraid to pick a stand, and be honest in your opinion about a particular destination. Just make sure that you’re not biased (and don’t sound biased!) and have enough data to back your stand.

With enough facts and few adjectives, your tone will naturally sound authoritative.

These are the most common doubts that freelance travel writers face while starting off. Now that you’ve learnt the basics, all you need to do is contact any company that provides travel writing services to start writing.

If you have more questions, ask us in the comments section and we’ll answer them for you!

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