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When you roll up your sleeves and do some research to gather content writing tips (through good ol’ Google), you’re sure to spot subtle references that talk about ‘timeless content’.

No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to whip up a Silmarillion every time you open MS Word – all you need to do is make sure that the information you post can be understood, without time constraints standing in the way like a bad case of toothache.

Writing timeless and evergreen content is one of the main aspects of professional writing and this is a practice that can boost the credibility of your content up by a few notches.

Batman crash landed on a timeless article from the 80s on color trends – it said “Pink is the New Black.”

What exactly is Evergreen Content? 

Almost all information that you find online is bound by time constraints. Even if the content may get ‘expired’ within a particular time span, professional writers often attempt to show the reader that the information is timeless.

Cutting to the chase, for your content to be of high quality, it should be readable and effective even in the far future from the day it’s posted.

So, how do you know whether your content is timeless?

Let’s take a peek into the golden rules…

Content Writing Tip #1

Avoid Using Time-Relative Phrases

Avoid using phrases like ‘this year’, ‘last month’, and ‘next week’. Let’s consider an example.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones got married in November this year.

In the above example, a reader who browses through the text in the year 2016 will not get the right information regarding the actual year of their wedding. You can revise the above sentence by using plain facts.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones got married on the 18th of November, 2000.

Content Writing Tip #2

Writing About Periodic Events

While providing information about an event that takes place annually, avoid concentrating on the event updates of the current year. Instead, write about the event in a generic way, without compromising on the factual part.

Including too much factual content can prove to be unnecessarily complex, as shown below.

The festival of Diwali, which was celebrated on the 26th of October in 2011, will be celebrated on the 13th of November in 2012

Here’s a snippet on how you can make the content generic and simple, without falling into the trap of time constraints.

The festival of Diwali usually falls between mid-October and mid-November.

Why Evergreen Content?

Now that you’ve gone through some handy content writing tips, here’s a lowdown on why your text should be timeless. Writing evergreen content can drive traffic to your blog or website for a long time, and you’ll hardly need to tweak or update the posts in the future. Such content can help you retain your readers’ interest throughout the year and keep them coming back for more!

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